Handiwork|Family and leisure
• Coloring pages
- Cinderella
- Madagascar
- Cars
- Shrek
- Old animation
- The lion king
- Winnie the Pooh
- Bratz doll
- Ice age
- Princess and the Frog
- Barbe
- Snow white and the seven dwarfs
- Animals
- Asterix and Obelix
- 101 Dalmatians
- Garfield
- Tangled
- Lilo and Stitch
- The Smurf
- Bambi
- Mandala
- Up
Tasks for children
• labyrinths
• alphabet
• connect the dots

Family and leisure


There is always plenty of work to do at home and so often we forget that our children don't need a five-dish dinner or full room of toys. They look at us and their look says that they need attention. Children's early understanding of love is different from adults. It is when their parents love them and give them the attention they need. Children often get anxious when we ignore them. Parents are preoccupied with their own problems and don't give enough attention to their children. Let us spend time with our children and discover together the joy of learning, creative colouring, drawing, cutting out and sticking. It is always better if parents and their children try to do all educational activities together.

Coloring pictures
This section is for children who love to colour. It is great fun. Children learn how to move their hands and fingers. When children are introduced to colour mixing, they also have an opportunity to spark their imagination.
Tasks for children
Kids are assigned, will learn to write, count, beautifully sketching and thinking. These tasks encourage the development of children and is a lovely pastime.