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What a wonder to create a fruit of one’s labour, to observe how an idea, once having occurred in a head is turning the reality. Even well known Needlework is unique, because every work reflects personal uniqueness. In every work we include a fragment of ourselves, our own pattern.  The handicrafts from the ancient times had already acquired their artistic value they are concurrent to culture as well. Therefore we are inviting to find a niche of needlework which would be close to you in this site.


The Schemes for Beginners and Professionals

Fascinating animal paintings. You will find diagrams and professionally, and only start to embroider.
Images of people like embroidered images. Here you'll find paintings by professional and playful pictures.
Book markers
Stitched book marker will bring a delight to your reading and will please your eyes with its cosiness, uniqueness and colours. The handmade book marker can be a pleasant gift as well, that will be appreciated by everybody.
Patchy flowers as in early summer morning. Choose the pictures of your desired flowers and get busy. The stitched flowers can match everywhere, so take the liberty of dreaming and decorate many surrounding things.


Baby’s Dowry Embroidered Towels Kitchen Decorations Animals


Attractive slim scarf with colour gamma and exclusive pattern signalling from the far that this is a creation of hands. Warming plaid at home, telling stories about warm evenings, which were spent together.  A cup of hot tea, embraced with a rim crotchet by you, that it would be pleasantly warm in hands. This is how the works crotchet by you will embrace you at winter time. So, we wish you to find laces which are pleasant to your heart and crotchet them.

Crotchet brooch
If you have threads, which will not make a bigger knitted work, you can use them to make brooches. You will not throw away remains of threads,because for the crotchet of the brooches you can use threads...

Crotchet Scarf
Spruce up yourself with a gentle and cosy accessory on your neck. Colourful, joyful and elegant scarf which you can crotchet by yourself. Don‘t be afraid to improvise and play with colours.

Crotchet butterflies
Crotchet butterfly is one of most colourful elements, crotchet with a crotchet, which is attributed to a decorative needlecraft.  We can crotchet them of different colours and patterns.
Crotchet patterns
In this column you will find many perfect crotchet patterns, which you will be able to apply to your works. So often we want to create something by ourselves, therefore with reference to variety of these patterns...


Knitting has already three thousand years. The first knitting was found in the ancient Egypt, later it rapidly spread all over the world, where every country linked knitting with its culture. Most often scarfs, stockings and other products where knitted. They are common nowdays as well. Knitting traditions are popular now too, though most production is made by knitting machines, and knitting of handwork are coming rare. But after discovering knitting magic, it is easy to lose into knitting. It is an original relaxation method, so let‘s lose into roots of our culture proceeding knitting traditions and surround the fireplaces of our families with warm knitting.

Knitting patterns
Warm up winter with your knitting and it will be welcome in your yard. Plenty of different patterns will let to choose desirable patterns and ornaments, with which you will decorate your knitting.
Christmas Teddy Bears
Joyful little teddy bears, which will decorate your Christmas tree. They are not complicated at all therefore even the beginners will simply manage to knit these toys.

Knitted Sweaters
Nice, warm, comfortable sweaters.  Choose most beautiful and knit your sweater with reference to the submitted examples and schemes.

Knitting Ornaments
Warm up winter with you knitting and it will be welcome in your yard. Plenty of different patterns will let to choose desirable patterns and ornaments...